Community School

When the school first started there were no buildings, only thatch shade structures and two teachers for more than a hundred children.

Despite the challenges of limited space, makeshift shelter, and insufficient classroom resources, iDream Community School was still able to achieve some of the best test results in the country, while creating a more favorable learning environment for future students.

The school has blossomed. The students’ test scores frequently surpass government schools, as well as some private schools in Zambia. There are now multiple blocks of classrooms built and over 300 children enrolled. There is still work to do.

Trade School

Lack of financial resources for college often holds young men and women back after completing primary school in Africa. Even the brightest students sometimes struggle once they graduate from high school. Operation iDream is working to create a trade school that will provide young adults with quality professional and entrepreneurial skills training to enhance their ability to secure gainful employment in adulthood.

Farm Project

Operation iDream is situated on 25 acres of farmland and is cultivating a large part of the land for agricultural use. The iDream Farm is focused on providing the children at the Community School nutritious food.

The Farm brings the community together to learn about sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and produce marketing techniques. The Farm doesn’t just provide food – it also provides educational opportunities and income.

The peanut and corn crops had such a healthy harvest that not only did this feed the children, but there was enough surplus to sell at the market.